Friday, December 30, 2011

New Collection of Horror Stories


A collection of 14 short stories that transport you to the terrifying corners of the imagination where worse things are always waiting. Welcome to the place where monsters lurk, nightmares reign, and anything is possible.

More than a collection of short horror fiction, these tales run the razor's edge from grotesque to morbidly hopeful. The danger may be supernatural or human--either way, the monsters are waiting.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Read RAMPAGE for FREE (even without Amazon)

Anyone who wants to read my new book, RAMPAGE: A Romance Thriller, can either buy it for 3.99 at Amazon or, if an Amazon Prime Member, borrow it for free OR
e-mail me at and I'll send you a FREE pdf file. I only ask that in return you "Follow" this blog and post a review of the book on Amazon.

Sound good? Start sending me those e-mails and you can start reading.

RAMPAGE Now Available!

Go to Amazon and buy RAMPAGE today or, if you're an Amazon Prime Member, you can read t for FREE!